Lori (cocoajava) wrote,


Been binging this weekend on Julia and Jacques Cooking At Home (On Amazon at no additional cost for Prime members right now). It's adorable. I love them both dearly (and much of my cooking style is Jacques fault), but it's the little moments in this series that make it SUCH FUN. Just finished the turkey episode, and damn if Julia didn't admonish us all to not overlook the giblets (remember the vintage SNL skit?) She's never yet turned down a glass of wine, took a vicious stab at American vermouth, and scolds Jacque for firing up a flambe while holding the bottle over the pan, because the flames may shoot up the bottle, make it explode and then you will be BLIND. She's awesome.

I haven't seen this episode yet but can't wait to see Julia brandishing a gun.

Tags: julias got a gun
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